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2017 - 2021     BA student at Art Academy of Latvia

2019 - 2020     KASK school of arts, Belgium

2015 - 2017     Social and Cultural anthropology studies

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Group exhibition    "Happy crises on the Beach" Kask school of Arts, Gent, Belgium

Group exhibition    "Under pressure" Dok Noord, Gent, Belgium

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Group exhibition     "A vot!" galerija "Low", Riga, Latvia

Hello ! I am Ieva Lība. I grew up in Riga, Latvia playing violin, drawing and jumping on a trampoline.

Right now I am on my 4th year of studies at Art Academy of Latvia. 

I am learning to become fluent in the visual language of moving and still image. Be it video, animation or photography. I am also writing short stories and poetry.  

Over the years my interests have changed but I am tirelessly curious to discover more and look for ways to combine them in my creative practice.

write to me : ievaratniece@gmail.com

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Ieva Lība Ratniece